What it Feels Like to be a Cubs Fan

Who are these players??? Where are my Cubs?

Who are these players??? Where are my Cubs?

There are a lot of people out there writing stories about the collapse of the Cubs… of the curse… of horrific defense and gutless lack of offense. You’ve tried to characterize us like a giant fiesta party (SI); show us as a bunch of angry, resentful, bitter fans ready to toss in the towel (ESPN); but none of that really comes close enough to the cold hard reality of what it feels like to Bleed Cubbie Blue.

In a painful and fruitless search for words that could describe the feeling… I came across this. And it was like Nirvana. This, my friends, is how it feels to be a Cubs fan. We’re the guy in the fedora style hat, and his shorter friend.

“We know we bad… hey wait. That’s not the way we meant bad!”:


2 responses to “What it Feels Like to be a Cubs Fan

  1. I won’t dog on the Cubs anymore. They can do that on their own just fine. I will tell you, however, that I just ran into Johanna on Facebook and she said to tell you that she sides with you and against me on this political mess. Sooo…there ya go. One more vote for “change”.

    But you gotta admit, it would have been nice to see Biden at least respond to the fact that he was all against Obama’s qualification and stances until a month ago. To pretend he wasn’t is just ludicrous and offends me like he thinks I’m too stupid to remember what happened six weeks ago.

    And to bring this full circle, I can remember six weeks ago…in fact, I can remember two years ago…the Cards won the world series.

  2. That is perhaps the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen…I mean aside from Palin soundbites w/Katie Couric. Don’t feel too bad about the Cubs. I’m telling you that we’re destined for a Dodgers-Red Sox World Series so Joe Buck can wax poetic about Joe Torre taking the Dodgers to their first World Series in 20 years in his first year away from the Yankees and about Manny Being Manny playing against his old team. Fox will love the ratings and the ready made storylines, we’ll have no one to root for, it will be perfect…

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