Be Kind, for Everyone You Meet is Fighting a Hard Battle

There’s a woman named Penny who lives next door to my in-laws on a good-sized piece of land in Bath, Michigan. She has horses, dogs, and a baby deer. She has kids: girls in, or just out of, high school I believe.

She has thirty days to move out of the house. She can’t pay her mortgage.

Penny is temporarily leaving the animals on an acreage that belongs to her boyfriends parents.

Penny is going to be living in a horse trailer with no water or electricity.


There’s a guy who plays guitar everyday on the corner of Mt. Hope and Pennsylvania in Lansing, Michigan. He has a bucket at his feet and a sign around his neck that says “Food”. He’s out there everyday.


I’m tired and I have a lot of reading and grading to do…

…I have to swing by Kroger in the morning and pick up some peanut butter crackers, or tuna, or beef jerkey.

Something that will keep in a guitar case for a few hours.

If you can make any time, and you live in the area, go listen to some street music. The cover charge is a bottle of water, but a bunch of bananas would get you into the show.


One response to “Be Kind, for Everyone You Meet is Fighting a Hard Battle

  1. “I want to see you smile again
    Like diamonds in the dust
    The amazing sound of the killing hordes
    The day the banks collapse on us

    Cease this endless chattering
    Like everything is fine
    When sorry is not good enough
    Sit in the back while no-one drives

    So glad you’re mine”

    -Radiohead, The Amazing Sound of Orgy

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