Tailgaiting at the RNC

Republican's Fire up the Grill Prior to McCain's Speech

I have a confession to make. For the last two elections I voted for George Bush. It wasn’t so much that I thought he was a brilliant candidate, rather I didn’t hear the opposition say anything about what THEY were going to do in his place. They excelled at pointing out the flaws of the Bush administration, but we already knew all about those. This year it seems we’ve come full circle. The Republicans are bashing Obama’s character, his experience (or lack thereof), and everything in between. I really believe that John McCain is a good man with strong character. But the rest of the party has resorted to mud slinging early, and that’s a part of campaign season that I loathe. Not that the Democrats are above that, they’ve started a full-court press on digging up the dirt that hides in Sarah Palin’s closets up in Alaska. I am relieved that Obama himself has stayed above the fray, and I really hope he keeps up the straight-forward, “it’s the issues, not the personalities” rhetoric.

But what is really beginning to tip the scales for me in this election is the militant, “God’s Righteous Wars Against the Heathens” message that the Republicans are starting to push to their electorate base. Not so much last night in Palin’s speech, but the other speakers this week (and even the overall tone and feel of the convention) have had an eerie fascist war machine element that frankly scares me. Anytime a nation believes that their deployment of military action is above reproach, even ordained by a vengeful almighty God bent on eradicating the forces of evil, bad things tend to happen on a very grand scale.

I hope that I’m wrong, because this will surely be a very close election that could go either way. And I for one am not looking forward to another eight to ten years of holy crusade.


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