So I Quit My Job Today…

I’ve decided that there is no way in Hell that I can get my thesis, my PhD applications, my coursework, my teaching, my conference work, etc., all done by the end of January. I’ve taken the plunge. We are now living solely on my teaching stipend (think mortgage and half of our groceries) and whatever we have in savings, which should – on a bare bones budget – last us a year. So here’s the thing…

I’m ecstatic! I’ve never felt more peaceful about an outwardly absurd decision in my entire life. I now have the freedom to devote all of my time to fleshing out my ideas, turning them into respectable pieces of writing as opposed to half-assed rush jobs that scream of “wasted potential”. The other bonus, is that we are now forced to live at a sustainable level, devoid of all excess. We’ve been talking about downsizing for months, and now we get a taste of what that will actually be like. I’m tired of wanting more than I need. I’m tired of needing.

This should be educational. Now that was just plain unintended and bad. Clearly time for sleep. More on this as it develops.


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